What-ho, everyone!

I’m afraid that I am not the Quixotic Autistic: I am her equally autistic, but somewhat less quixotic girlfriend Jaime (often talked-about but seldom seen, save for those of you who read my blog). Leah Jane regrets that she can’t be here herself, and profusely apologizes for her lack of recent updates, but sadly, she and I have lately changed abodes, going from a too-large and overpriced two-bedroom suite to a cute bachelor apartment situated in the down-town’s unofficial “lesbian district,” which, while rather smaller, is mercifully free of monstrous, evil landladies. We are in the process of setting up some high speed internet access there, but that, like a great many other things, costs money.

And sadly, it is of money that I am here to speak today. You see, our recent move has not been without its acrimony. The sordid details can be found here, but the short version is this: after several months of bullying and harassment, last week our landlady bullied, threatened and lied to me in order to force me to do something really stupid to her oven; said stupid thing resulted, not just in my hands being shredded by sheet metal, but also in her warranty being voided, and now she wants us to pay for the price of her cruel idiocy. Naturally, we’ve told her to go shove it (although not in those precise words), and so we face a legal battle. While we are confident in our ability to win this battle, it would be nice to be able to build-up sort of a “war-chest” (so to speak), just in case we need to “lawyer-up” (or, though I shudder to consider the possibility, in case we lose). The woman in question has also kept more than ninety percent of our damage deposit, so we face difficulties scraping together the necessary funds for our rent on the new place, which is, of course, due in a few days. Throw-in the price of renewing my hormonal prescriptions (as you may or may not be aware, I am a transwoman) and we find ourselves with some major budget shortfalls.

**All of this is something of a roundabout way of asking you for money.**

Leah Jane has set up a tip cup at the bottom of her “About Page:” right now, our primary concern is rent and groceries, but that should free-up some cash in the long run for the coming battle.

On my own blog, I offered to take blogging requests from anyone who donates. I have not asked her, but I’m sure Leah would happy to honour the same arrangement.