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I came across this list today, and I figured that, since I’ve already had so much fun pissing off one group of people who tends to be overly self-congratulatory (geeks) I’ll try my hand at doing it to another group I belong to which richly deserves it: American liberals.

Now really, compared to the geek culture one, this isn’t as odious, and I do find myself in a few of these. But it still stinks of masturbatory gloating and has a few glaring, obnoxious flaws, which begins with number 5:

You are colorblind when it comes to race or national origin.

Lies lies lies. Liberals, nor anybody else in America, is colourblind to race or national origin. Every single last one of us has racist/prejudicial baggage to work through, and colourblind philosophies don’t address that- instead, they encourage you to bury those prejudices deep down, rather than confronting them and un-learning them, which is the only way to move forward and make progress when it comes to issues surrounding xenophobia and racism in North America. Colourblindness is also, contrary to what many people seem to think, not desirable. I’m proud of my culture and my identity, and I do not want people to pretend they’re blind to it and homogenize me. My story, my background, and my experiences are unique and different, and that’s good. I can’t stress that enough.

As a matter of fact, being colourblind to the fact that people can have different experiences and backgrounds can often lead to ridiculous remarks, like number 49:

49. You try to live up to the ideals Jesus taught such as brotherly love, taking care of the sick, the elderly, the poor.

I don’t deny that the Biblical Jesus was an honourable man who had many fine ideas. But I don’t try to live up to the ideals Jesus taught, because I’m not a Christian. My value structure and the way I view ideas like charity and justice are completely divorced from Christianity. But the list-maker is presuming that their audience is Christian and familiar with the teachings of Jesus, applying that selective “we’re all the same” type of non-logic which does nothing to benefit those who didn’t grow up in a Christian household.

Then there’s this one:

Your parents owned a Volkswagen or a Volvo at one time.

I’m left-wing, more left-wing than most American self-described liberals would ever dream of being, to be honest. But my parentage is 100% pure conservative Republican, and up until about age 15, I was conservative too. But my twice-Bush voting parents still owned a Volkswagen. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a left-winger, and I don’t own one because I can’t drive, and I personally think the Volkswagen Beetle looks a little too much like a pregnant roller skate.

The rest of these (it’s a list that’s ongoing) are just a little bit too ridiculous in presuming that these traits are inherently “liberal”, or, for that matter, inherently good. I dislike it greatly when people equate their political position with intelligence, goodness, and enlightenment, at the expense of the other guy being stupid, bad, or ignorant. I am not a fan of modern Republicans, at all. I have no reason to be as a queer left wing Jewish native woman. But the response to their horrible policies isn’t pseudo-cutesy judgemental memes which villainize all conservatives as being sub-human morons.
Ah well. I’m just glad I’m in Canada now, where Liberal means something entirely different, something I don’t agree with at all. Plus, Justin Trudeau’s cuter than Rachel Maddow, although my girlfriend would disagree.
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