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– How to deal with legal troubles

– How to pay taxes

– How to file legal documents (disputes, divorces, complaints etc)

– How to check a credit score

– How to apply for a credit card, a line of credit, or a small loan

– How to balance a checkbook

– How to negotiate for and go through buying a house, a car, or another large purchase

– How to tell the difference between factual information and dishonest lies

– How to keep good records of personal information for tax purposes

– How to do small repairs around the house and do basic tasks

– How to maintain and repair a car

– How to care for a child once they’re old enough to be out of diapers

A lot of people just presume that your parents are supposed to teach you these things, but what if your parents are busy, incompetent, abusive, or just plain neglectful? I’m learning how to do these myself, slowly, as an adult, but I think I would have been better off learning these in school. Voluntary “life skills” classes are not enough.