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Clarissa wrote about her core beliefs and how they influence her outlook on her blog a little while back, and I’ve decided to share my own here on my blog, for posterity, and to remind myself of them once in a while. Mine are:

1. We are all on a learning curve, and have to be responsible for what information gets put into our brains. You can’t fault anybody else for your own ignorance once you’re an adult living on your own.

2. My body is my own, and how I choose to nourish it, how I choose to please it, and how I choose to use it are my own business.

3. My rights end where other people’s begin.

4. Human rights are inalienable, and belong to us all from birth. Nobody is deprived of these rights due to gender identity, sex, colour, disability, or life circumstance.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the foundational four. They’re always worth remembering.