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LUSH doing make-up is a dream come true for me. If LUSH made sunscreen (One solid for your body and a cream/lotion one for your face, neck and décolletage) I would be the happiest girl. These past few weeks have been difficult for me*, and one of the ways that I’ve been coping is by playing around with make-up and making myself feel pretty and fresh. LUSH has been a great assistance to me in that regard.

I’ve experimented with LUSH’s new Emotional Brilliance line twice now. The first time was on the opening release day of the new line, and it wasn’t just a matter of purchasing make-up, the store staff went through a lot of effort to make it a whole experience, and they treat you with the usual level of courtesy, attention, and kindness that I’ve come to expect from them.

Picking make-up from Emotional Brilliance involves spinning a colour wheel and then selecting three colours which stand out to you after the wheel stops. I picked out three, which turned out to be named, in the order that I picked them, Confident, Sophisticated, and Independent. The order you pick them and which ones you pick gives the staff a chance to do a bit of a reading into why you may have picked it, what it says about you, and what wearing these colours could do for your mood and self-image. Confident is the image I project, Sophisticated is what I strive for, and Independent is what I hope for in the long-term. Sounds about right.

Jaime was with me then, and dismissed it all as cold reading. But I personally enjoyed the experience, even if it wasn’t psychologically meaningful, it was fun, and the colours were wonderful. I wear them in the evenings together, they make a very striking impression. I’ve been getting lots of compliments, and yes, I do feel confident, sophisticated, and independent while wearing them.

The second spin of the wheel, later in the week, after dealing with a great deal of pain and second-guessing myself, I picked Strong, Quietly Motivated, and Happiness. I could use all three in my life right now, so it seems appropriate that they are another favourite combination of mine, and make me smile each time I look into the mirror.

I also bought the new mascara, which is lovely, non-clumping and non-irritating, perfect for eyes like mine which are rather sensitive but still want to look dramatic. However, I haven’t tried the new truculent powder or bronze tint/primer. Reviews for that will come later.

If you’re a make-up lover who likes experimenting with different looks and colours, head to your local LUSH and have a spin at the wheel. You’d be surprised at what beautiful combinations arise when you set aside concerns like matching your skin tone or whether it’s “appropriate” for certain locations or occasions. The make-up is also non-irritating, vegan, and goes on beautifully. Cheers!

* Feel free to put me into understatement time-out for that one.