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Since I got paid yesterday, and I got a cheque today and a deposit from one of my webinars, I’ve decided to live a little richly and put together all of the components necessary to create something I’ve wanted for a long time, but couldn’t exactly afford until now: A stim-kit.

What is a stim-kit? It’s whatever you want it to be! The contents vary from person-to-person. But a more general and helpful explanation is that a stim-kit is a collection of items that help me when I’m having a very difficult day managing my sensory and emotional processing, because of stress, anxiety, or whatever else may come by way. I plan on utilizing the stim-kit on such days so that I can calm down and get centred again. They’re highly individualized because everyone has different needs when they’re going through a stressful situation, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to confronting stress and deflating oneself.

For the curious though, my stim-kit will include:

A yoga mat (So I can lay down and relax if I need to, or do some basic yoga poses and breathing exercises to calm down)

A blanket (for warmth and comfort and in case I want to take a nap)

A pillow (For squeezing and for naps)

Essential oil bottles (For smelling, certain scents are very comforting)

Sketchbook and markers (For drawing, I like the bold colours and easy transportation/durability of markers)

A hairbrush (Brushing my hair is one of my favourite stims)

A bouncy exercise ball (For bouncing on to relax and stim)

Sweetgrass braids (for smudging and smelling)

Tiny face pillows (for putting over my eyes when I want to block out light)

Various stim-toys (rubber balls, stress balls, kush balls, silly putty, anything I like to play with and handle)

Make your own if you so desire, with whatever you want!