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Since I am not going to be blogging much while I am on vacation, I figured I would do this now.

Highlights of 2012 Include:

1.) Getting more involved with the Indigenous community at UVic.

2.) Meeting more wonderful new friends, and getting very close to them. They know who they are.

3.) Having the greatest period of intellectual maturation and growth so far in my life.

4.) Discovering what it is I really want to pursue academically, and realizing that it’s okay that that’s so different from what I started out doing at college.

5.) Enjoying an unprecedented new confidence and satisfaction in my sexuality and self-expression.

6.) Learning how to more effectively live on my own, including how to cook a greater variety of foods.

7.) Developing a more fun and confident personal sense of style.

8.) Discovering just how well many situations can be improved upon by good-quality coffee or tea.

9.) Developing a much stronger metaphorical backbone.


Low Points:

1.) Being raped.

2.) Breaking up with Jaime.

3.) Losing both one of my most beloved professors and one of my dearest mentors.

4.) Coming out to my mother and having her blow up in my face.

5.) A very poor decision to move into a place that was run by an obsessive and demanding landlady.

6.) Blogging less due to a variety of reasons.

The good weighed out the bad this year, even though there were some terrible things which happened, the wonderful things in my life will continue to give me happiness even during moments of great despair.