I wasn’t expecting much from my Word War II course that I’ve enrolled in for the month of June. As a general rule, I find military history a bit dull, WWII as a history topic overly fetishized and romantacized, and the idea of taking a class on WWII a bit obnoxious. 

However, my professor immediately impressed me by pressing into us the importance of understanding that history isn’t taught objectively, and there are multiple points of view that one could study on WWII, such as the British/commonwealth perspective, the American perspective, the Japanese perspective, the European perspective(s), the Soviet perspectives, etc etc… He also stressed the importance of not using “Soviet” and “Russian” interchangeably in the context of WWII, and made sure that the syllabus covers all regions involved in the war, from North Africa to Australia to the Pacific. 

Also, he’s unbelievably charming and affable, and is letting us pick our own topics for the final paper. I want to do mine on either Jews in Italy during WWII, or Navajo Code Talkers, or Japanese civilian reactions to the expanding colonialism in Manchukuo/Manchuria. 

I guess I should have known that a course on this in university was actually going to be good, but still.